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Best Science Writing Online

Dear all,

Here is a list of 50 essays and 1 poem selected (of course, not by me ^^~) from the 721 entries in Scientific American to be published. Feel free to pick some and read :)

1. Anthropology in Practice (Krystal D’Costa): Unraveling The Fear o’ the Jolly Roger

2. The Artful Amoeba (Jennifer Frazer): Bombardier Beetles, Bee Purple, and the Sirens of the Night

3. The Atavism (David Winter): The origin and extinction of species

4. Black Ink Obelisk (Aubrey J. Sanders): Somata (poem)

5. Blogus scientificus (Alex Reshanov): Shakes on a Plane: Can Turbulence Kill You?

6. Body Horrors (Rebecca Kreston): This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Muktuk: Fermented Seal Flipper, Botulism, Being Cold & Other Joys of Arctic Living

7. Boing Boing (Lee Billings): Incredible journey: Can we reach the stars without breaking the bank?

8. Boing Boing (Maggie Koerth-Baker): Nuclear energy 101: Inside the “black box” of power plants

9. Context and variation (Kate Clancy): Menstruation is just blood and tissue you ended up not using

10. Dangerous Experiments (Joe Hanson, It’s Okay To Be Smart): On Beards, Biology, and Being a Real American

11. Deep Sea News (Miriam Goldstein): DON’T PANIC: Sustainable seafood and the American outlaw

12. Empirical Zeal: (Aatish Bhatia) What it feels like for a sperm

13. En Tequila Es Verdad (Dana Hunter): Adorers of the Good Science of Rock-breaking

14. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Kimberly Gerson): Romeo: A Lone Wolf’s Tragedy in Three Acts

15. Expression Patterns (Eva Amsen): Make history, not vitamin C

16. The Gleaming Retort (John Rennie): Volts and Vespa: Buzzing about Photoelectric Wasps

17. Guardian Science Blog (Karen James): Space shuttle launch: ‘I feel the percussive roar on the skin of my face’

18. Highly Allochthonous (Chris Rowan): Ten million feet upon the stair

19. History of Geology (David Bressan): It’s sedimentary, my dear Watson

20. Laelaps (Brian Switek): The Dodo is Dead, Long Live the Dodo!

21. The Last Word On Nothing (Ann Finkbeiner): Science Metaphors (cont): Resonance

22. The Loom (Carl Zimmer): The Human Lake

23. Neuron Culture (David Dobbs): Free Science, One Paper at a Time

24. Neurotribes (Steve Silberman): Woof! John Elder Robison, Living Boldly as a “Free-Range Aspergian”

25. Not Exactly Rocket Science (Ed Yong): The Renaissance man: how to become a scientist over and over again

26. Observations of a Nerd (Christie Wilcox): Why do women cry? Obviously, it’s so they don’t get laid.

27. The Occam’s Typewriter Irregulars (Richard F.Wintle): Genome sequencing, Shakespeare style [combined with] Genome Assembly – a primer for the Shakespeare fan

28. Oh, For the Love of Science! (Allie Wilkinson): The distance between your testicles and your anus, ‘taint unimportant

29. Pharyngula (PZ Myers): Dear Emma B

30. PLoS Blogs Guest Blog (T. Delene Beeland): Saving Ethiopia’s “Church Forests”

31. The Primate Diaries (Eric Michael Johnson): Freedom to Riot: On the Evolution of Collective Violence

32. PsySociety (Melanie Tannenbaum): Sex and the Married Neurotic

33. Puff the Mutant Dragon (“Mutant Dragon”): Sunrise in the Garden of Dreams

34. Reciprocal Space (Stephen Curry): Joule’s Jewel

35. Sciencegeist (Matthew Hartings): I Love Gin and Tonics

36. Scientific American Guest Blog (Casey Rentz, Natural Selections): How to stop a hurricane (good luck, by the way)

37. Scientific American Guest Blog (Cindy Doran, The Febrile Muse): Tinea Speaks Up—a Fairy Tale

38. Scientific American Guest Blog (Deborah Blum, Speakeasy Science): A View to a Kill in the Morning: Carbon Dioxide

39. Scientific American Guest Blog (Andrea Kuszewski, The Rogue Neuron): Could chess-boxing defuse aggression in Arizona and beyond?

40. Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly, The Definitive Host): Mirror images: Twins and identity

41. Scientific American Guest Blog (Rob Dunn): Man discovers a new life-form at a South African truck stop

42. Scientific American Guest Blog (Jeremy Yoder, Denim and Tweed): The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Natural Selection and Evolution, with a Key to Many Complicating Factors

43. Scientific American Observations (George Musser): Free Will and Quantum Clones: How Your Choices Today Affect the Universe at its Origin

44. Skulls in the Stars (“Dr. Skyskull”): Mpemba’s baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold? (1969)

45. Superbug (Maryn McKenna): File Under WTF: Did the CIA Fake a Vaccination Campaign?

46. There and (hopefully) back again… (“Biochembelle”): In the shadows of greatness

47. This May Hurt A Bit (Shara Yurkiewicz): Fragmented Intimacies

48. The Thoughtful Animal (Jason Goldman): Rats, Bees, and Brains: The Death of the “Cognitive Map”

49. Uncertain Principles (Chad Orzel): Faster Than a Speeding Photon: “Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam”

50. Universe (Claire L. Evans): Moon Arts, Part Two: Fallen Astronaut

51. The White Noise (Cassie Rodenberg): How addiction feels, the honest truth


To know more about the selection, read here.


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    sir,is that true or jz fiction?so much mystery and so close to us…

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